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Ways to Give:


Use the Donate Now button on any page of Bethesda's website to make your donation.

Community Giving

Community Partnerships  
Throughout the year, Bethesda partners with various organizations where Bethesda is the recipient of funds raised. Bethesda in honoured that these organizations recognize the work that we do on a daily basis and thank them for their support through these fundraising initatives. Please join us in supporting these organization's initiatives and, at the same, improve the lives of those supported by Bethesda.

Gifts of Securities  

Making a gift of appreciated securities is a great way to support Bethesda. Your investment today will help accomplish your philanthropic goals while realizing significant tax savings.

Under new rules in the 2006 federal budget, when you donate stocks, bonds, futures and options, as well as shares in mutual funds to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc., you will pay no tax on the capital gain (the increase in value, since you acquired the securities).  In contrast, if you sell your securities, tax must be paid on 50 per cent of any capital gain. The combined benefit of paying no tax on the capital gain and the charitable tax receipt you receive provides excellent tax benefits.

Shares can be transferred electronically and in certificate form in the donor's name or re-registered in the Bethesda Foundation’s name.  In all cases, the charitable tax receipt will reflect the securities on the date they were received by the Bethesda Foundation.

The following example illustrates the overwhelming tax benefits of making a gift of securities to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc.:

Assume that you own appreciated stocks and mutual funds and would like to donate $25,000 of this stock directly to the Foundation rather than give cash. The Foundation will then sell the stock and use the cash as you have directed. You will receive a charitable tax receipt based on the fair market value of the securities the day that the Foundation receives the funds. The advantage of donating these assets in-kind under the new charitable tax rules is that you will not have to pay tax on any of the capital gains. You can use that donation receipt to offset taxes payable on other sources of income or investments.

Donations to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc. supports Bethesda to continue to provide the best possible services and supports to children, youth, and adults with special needs.

Estate & Gift Planning

Leave a Legacy

How can you support our legacy of caring at Bethesda?
Charitable giving has evolved significantly over the past few years. While writing a cheque was once perceived as the only option for giving, amendments to Canada's tax laws, and the introduction of new, tax efficient gifting strategies, are creating new ways of giving that are as flexible and unique as the philanthropic individuals who employ them.

       Ways to leave a legacy

Establish a Bequest in Your Will
Wills are the central pillar of estate planning. A gift by Will, known as a bequest, provides the opportunity to support Bethesda.  Upon your passing, your estate will receive a tax receipt equal to the value of your bequest.  Amending your Will can be as simple as creating a notarized letter (called a codicil) that is attached to your current Will and outlines your intention to donate a portion of your estate to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc.

Give the Gift of Registered Retirement Funds
By donating retirement savings plans or funds (RRSP/RRIF), you can support Bethesda after your needs, and those of your loved ones, have already been met. You can avoid probate by designating Bethesda as the beneficiary of your retirement savings on your registered documents. Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the value of the investment at the time of your death which can be applied towards the estate’s final income tax return. 

The Unique Gift of Life Insurance
An inexpensive way to create a significant investment in Bethesda is by gifting a life insurance policy to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc.  Such gifts can be made one of two ways:

Create a Charitable Gift Annuity
A Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement where you make an irrevocable contribution to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc.  In return, you receive guaranteed income for a set number of years, or for life. The Foundation retains a minimum of 20% of this contribution as a donation and the remainder is used to purchase an annuity.

An immediate tax receipt is available for the donation portion of the gift. The payments are guaranteed for life and depending on your age, all or part of the income may be tax-free. The return on investment is often larger than the interest received on a GIC, savings bond or a savings account. A Charitable Gift Annuity avoids probate taxes to the estate and moreover, your donation will make a significant impact on Bethesda during your lifetime.

For more information and to discuss making a donation to Bethesda Home Foundation Inc., please contact Bethesda’s Executive Office at:

Disclaimer: The information above is for illustration purposes only and does not constitute legal, financial or tax planning advice. We recommend that you consult with your own professional advisor in planning your donation.